Over 12,000 MSAs and Counting; Over $27M in MSA Savings; Average MSA Reduction of 62%

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Why Cattie?

Over 12,000 MSAs and Counting


John Cattie has personally reviewed or overseen the review of more than 12,000 distinct fact patterns for MSA purposes.

Over $27 Million in MSA Savings


Based on those more than 12,000 cases reviewed, Cattie has saved clients more than $27 million in MSA exposure over the years.

Cited Favorably by the Judiciary


Cattie has been cited favorably by federal and state courts on multiple occasions for his analysis. Ask us to see those decisions!

Industry Experience


Doing this work for over a decade, Mr. Cattie started with Garretson Resolution Group, a company that invented the lien resolution industry. With that foundation, Cattie can provide tailor-made compliance programs for single event and mass tort situations.

Average MSA Reduction Over 62%


By applying legal analysis to the traditional medically-based approach to MSAs, Cattie saves clients an average of more than 62% on their MSAs. In fact, hiring Cattie likely will pay for itself by virtue of the lower MSA figure Cattie recommends for you.

Respected by All Sides


Cattie's reputation in the Medicare compliance industry speaks for itself. His willingness to push the boundaries, offer outside-the-box solutions, and reimagine the MSA issue as a legal one, not a medical one, has garnered respect from parties on all sides.

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